Admission Requirement for Higher Education in Czech Republic

A pre-requisite for admission to tertiary education in the Czech Republic is achieving secondary education by passing the maturitni zkouska (ISCED 3A) and satisfying admission requirements established by the individual institution. 

General Admission Requirements

Following are the general admission requirements for different level of studies:

Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Students must have completed secondary general or vocational education with a “maturitni zkouska” school-leaving examination, for fine arts degrees, students who have obtained their “absolutorium” from a conservatoire are accepted.

Master’s Degree Programme

Students must hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Doctoral Programmes

Students must possess a Master's degree in order to gain admittance into a doctoral programme. 

Application Procedure

Many higher education institutions in the Czech Republic provide the option of filing an application in an electronic form. The application forms for studies in the Czech language are same for all institutions in the Czech Republic; and for the studies conducted in a foreign language they are specific at every department. The application forms can be taken from the Students’ Department of each institution or can be obtained from their respective websites. 

Some of the higher education institutions also take entrance examination, which are generally held between June and September. Examinations for the arts field are conducted in January. 


Some attachments to the application form are required:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): It should have a summary of education, relevant professional experience, accomplishments and skills, etc. 

Educational certificates copies: Past educational records, courses and grades achieved.

Recommendation letter: At least two letters of recommendation. One must be from a teacher. 

Statement of Purpose: Should summarize the intellectual history, your interest in the field and the motivation in applying to a particular course of study.

Language certificate: English language proof- TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Sending the Application Form

The way of sending the application form to the institution varies between faculties. For certain institutions, you can send it online; for some you need to send it written by post or deliver personally along with the necessary attachments and at some institutions both ways are needed. 

To know more about the application and admission requirements, contact the student administration departments at the concerned institution.

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for submitting applications is generally the end of February or March. The art schools deadline is usually the end of November.  

International Students

International student’s secondary school leaving certificate from their home country is considered as a proof of higher education entrance qualification in the Czech Republic. You might have to get it validated by the regional school authorities, the skolska odděleni krajskych uřadů. 

International students, who wish to study a Czech-language programme, must demonstrate their Czech language knowledge by presenting an official Czech language examination certificate in the same. 
If the student does not possess this certificate, there is a possibility to take the examination at the university where he/she wishes to study, or at any institution which conducts such tests. 

International students who wish to study a non-Czech study programme are not required to prove their Czech language knowledge. Rather, they are required to prove the knowledge of the language in which the study programme is organised. Additionally, they must pass an entrance examination in this language. 

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examination takes place in May or June, or sometimes in July. The examination terms and forms vary depending upon the faculty.

Usually the entrance examinations are in the form of written tests in relevant subjects and disciplines, followed by an oral examination in the second round. At some of the arts schools, there are 3 admission rounds along with a discussion about the pupils own works or the students are requested to perform a tasks without preparation.

Some universities in the Czech Republic also accept the National Comparative Exams results. 

Maturita: The School Leaving Examination

Upon successful completion of the upper secondary education Czech pupils are required to sit for a Maturita examination-the school leaving examination. This examination determines the students’ maturity levels and knowledge. Students who pass the Maturita examination can apply for higher education studies.
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