Czech Grading System, Language of Instruction & Academic Year

In the Czech Republic, primary and secondary schools use a 5-point grade system, with 1 as the best and 5 as the worst. At the university level, Grades 1, 2 and 3 are considered to be "pass", below 3 are considered "fail". 

 Grade Description (In Czech)Description (In English)  US Grade
 1 VybornyExcellent  A
 2 Chvalitebny Commendable B
 3 Dobry Good C
 4 Dostatečny Sufficient D
 5 Nedostatečny Insufficient F

Common Grading Mechanism

 Scale 1 Scale 2Description (In Czech) Description (In English)  US Grade
 1.00-1.99 86.00-100.00 Vyborně Excellent A
 2.00-2.99 70.00-85.99 Chvalitebny Commendable B
 3.00-3.99 50.00-69.99 Dobry Good C
 4.00-4.99 40.00-49.99 Dostatečny Satisfactory D
 5.00 0.00-39.99 Nedostatečny Unsatisfactory F
    Pass P

ECTS System

 Grade Description US Grade
 A Excellent A
 B Very Good B+
 C Good B
 D Satisfactory C+
 E Sufficient C
 FX Fail F
 F Fail F

Academic Year

The school year of basic and secondary schools in Czech Republic generally begins from September 1 and goes on until June 30 of the following year.

The academic term is split up into two semesters with breaks in between and exams at the end of each semester.
  • The first semester commences from September 1 and continues until January 30
  • The second semester commences from February 1 and continues until June 30.
The actual dates, along with the vacations and breaks, are declared by each school individually and may vary. 
Sole exception to this is the final year at secondary schools, which ends with Graduation of students at the end of May.


  • Autumn holidays: 2 days break around Independent Czechoslovak State Day (28/10), which is a public holiday
  • Christmas (winter) holidays: 9 – 12 days break, generally from December 22 until January 2.
  • Mid-term break: 1-day holiday 
  • Spring holidays: 1-week holiday with the date varying according to the district; generally from the commencement of February until the March end
  • Easter holidays: 3-day break, called Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday
  • Labour Day: 1-day, i.e. on May 1
  • Liberation Day: 1-day holiday, i.e. on May 8
  • Summer holidays: 62-days holidays that start from July 1 and continue until September 31. Then starts the new school year on September 1

Language of Instruction

The official language of Czech Republic is Czech. The programmes are generally taught in Czech, however, there are several programmes that are taught in English and other foreign languages. Also, the Slavonic languages are used and split into the the eastern, western and southern divisions. Czech are the member of the western Slavonic family, along with Slovak, Polish and Wendish.
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