Higher or Tertiary Education Degrees

University type higher education institutions in the Czech Republic offer Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes, and non-university type higher education institutions offer Bachelor’s degree programmes only. They may also offer Master’s degree programmes.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (bakalařsky studijni program)

Bachelor programmes are the first level of higher education in the Czech Republic and lays the foundation in a particular field. The programmes are completed with a final state examination, which comprises a presentation and defence of a bachelor’s thesis. The graduates from the bachelor studies may continue their studies in the follow-up Master’s degree courses in related fields, or may go into the job market.
  • Duration: 3-4 years
  • ECTS Credit: 180-240
Credential Awarded: Bachelor of Arts (bakalař uměni, BcA.) in the field of arts, and Bachelor (bakalař , Bc.) in other fields. 

Master’s Degree Programmes (magistersky studijni program)

The Master’s degree programmes provide theoretical knowledge and critical and analytical skills. To get entrance into a Master’s degree programme, students must possess a bachelor’s degree. 
Master degree programmes may follow on from bachelor programmes as follow-up Master’s programmes 
  • Duration: 2-3 years
  • ECTS Credits: 60-180
Master degree programmes may be full programmes as well.
  • Duration: 4 -6 years
  • ECTS Credits: 240–360 
Students are required to sit for a final state examination (statni zavěrečna zkouska)   and publicly present and defend a thesis. Studies in medicine, hygiene and veterinary medicine are completed by a demanding state examination, including the presentation and defence of a thesis.

Master’s degree programmes confer following degrees: 
  • Master of Humanities, Pharmacy, Sciences, Theology, Law, and Education: magistr (Mgr.)
  • Master of Arts: magistr uměni (MgA.)
  • Engineer in the field of Economics, Agriculture, Technical Sciences and Engineering, Forestry and Military branches of study; inzenyr (Ing.)
  • Engineer in the field of Architecture: inzenyr architekt (Ing. arch.)
  • Doctor of Human Medicine: doktor mediciny (MUDr.)
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine: zubni lekař (MDDr.) 
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: doktor veterinarni mediciny (MVDr.) 
Study programmes in the field of human medicine and veterinary medicine are of 6 years duration. They are managed and run by the university medical faculties and faculties of veterinary medicine.

Holders of a “magistr” Master’s degree can take a demanding state examination in the same area of study, and present and defend a dissertation. Upon successful completion the following academic degrees are conferred: 
  • Doctor in the field of Law: doktor prav (JUDr.)
  • Doctor in the field of Humanities, Teacher Training and Social Sciences: doktor filozofie (PhDr.)  
  • Doctor in the field of Natural Sciences: doktor přirodnich věd (RNDr.) 
  • Doctor in the field of Pharmacy: doktor farmacie (PharmDr.)
  • In the field of Catholic Theology : licenciat teologie (ThLic.)
  • Doctor in the field of Theology, excluding Catholic Theology : licenciat teologie (ThLic.) or doktor teologie (ThDr.)
These academic titles are written in front of the holder’s name.

Doctoral Programmes (doktorsky studijni program)

Students who hold a Master’s degree are eligible to take entry into the doctoral study programmes. These programmes emphasize on independent creative work in research, development or the arts. The holders of this degree are eligible to teach at the university level in a particular area or work in a particular profession.
  • Duration: 3-4 years
These studies at the end of the programme require students to pass a state doctoral examination (statni doktorska zkouska) and defend a doctoral thesis. The doctoral thesis is based on original work and must be published. 

Graduates of Doctoral degree programmes are conferred the following titles: 
  • Doctor:  doktor (Ph.D.) 
  • Doctor of Theology, in the field of theology: doktor teologie (Th.D.)
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