Choosing the Right Course to Study in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is recognized for high quality education. Students from all over the world come here for studying. Czech universities offer wide range of study programmes and “Choosing the Right Programme” is the need for better future. Before starting the application process, pupils must follow the below mentioned steps!

Step 1: Know Your Aim

Students must know their goals and aims, the study programme they wish to take up and what after that programme, the opportunities and growth in the field decided, learning’s, etc. 

Step 2: Do Research

After you have known what you wish to do, start researching about it. Search about the educational institutions that offer the study programme you want to take up. Visit the respective websites of the institutions that offer that programme. Prepare a list!

Step 3: Contact Institution

After preparing the list of universities and institutions that offer the study programme you wish to pursue, contact those institutions.  Take the phone number of the institution from their website and call the institution’s admission office or send an email and request for the institution’s prospectus/brochure. Go through the brochure - study programmes offered, fees, activities and other necessary details

Step 4: Start Applying

After you have decided the institution and study programme you want to take up, start applying. 

General Admission Requirements

Following are the general admission requirements for different level of studies-
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme: Students must have completed secondary general or vocational education with a “maturitni zkouska” school-leaving examination, for fine arts degrees, students who have obtained their “absolutorium” from a conservatoire are accepted.
  • Master’s Degree Programme: Students must hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Doctoral Programmes: Students must possess a Master's degree in order to gain admittance into a doctoral programme. 

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for submitting applications is generally the end of February or March. The art schools deadline is usually the end of November.
Apply before deadline!

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examination takes place in May or June, or sometimes in July. The examination terms and forms vary depending upon the faculty.
Usually the entrance examinations are in the form of written tests in relevant subjects and disciplines, followed by an oral examination in the second round.
At some of the arts schools, there are 3 admission rounds along with a discussion about the pupils own works or the students are requested to perform a tasks without preparation.
Some higher education institutions in the Czech Republic also accept the National Comparative Exams results. 

Language Requirement

International Students must submit Czech language proficiency certificate.

To know more about the admission requirements, click here.

If you’re accepted you will receive an enrollment letter from the concerned institution. Once you receive it, start applying for scholarships (if need) and visa.

Step 5: Apply for Scholarships

In the Czech Republic, the government, higher education institutions and other organisations offer many scholarships each year to support students who wish to study at Czech universities. 
To know about the Scholarships, click here.

Step 6: Apply for Visa

After receiving the enrollment letter, apply for study visa at the Czech Embassy or consulate at your place of residence. 
To get more details on visa, click here


Before leaving for the Czech Republic, make following arrangements:
  • Apply for visa and scholarship
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Carry your passport
  • Have medical and travel insurance 
  • Have International Student Identity Card (ISIC): It offers discounts 
All the Best!
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