Higher Education Institutions in the Czech Republic

Higher Education Institutions (vysoke skoly)  in the Czech Republic provide tertiary education to ISCED 5A and 6 levels by arranging accredited courses of study that are developed by individual institutions and sanctioned by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports after an affirmative opinion from the Accreditation Commission. The higher education institutions in the Czech Republic perform research, educational, creative, developmental and artistic activities. 

Czech higher education institutions are split up into university and non-university type universities. There are public, private and state higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is responsible for public and state higher education institutions; and the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of the Interior are responsible for the state institutions. 

University-type higher education institutions offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes and perform associated research, creative, developmental, or artistic activities. 

Non-university type higher education institutions provide Bachelor’s degree programmes, but may also offer Master’s courses of study.

In the Czech Republic University type institutions are:
  • 24 public institutions
  • 2 state institutions
  • 3 private institutions
Non-university type institutions:
  • 2 public institutions
  • 42 private institutions

Higher Education Institutions

Public Higher Education Institutions

The public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes, as well as non-degree programmes.  As per the Higher Education Act No. 111/1998, the public higher institutions have full autonomy in regards to the structure of study programmes, admissions, and evaluation. These institutions are traditional institutions that offer courses in all academic areas. There are in total 26 public institutions in the Czech Republic.
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Prague  (AMU)
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Prague  (AVU)
  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague  (CULS)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague  (CTU)
  • Janaček Academy of Music and Performing Arts  (JAMU)
  • University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice  (JU)
  • Masaryk University  (MU)
  • Mendel University in Brno  (Mendel)
  • University of Ostrava  (OU)
  • Silesian University in Opava  (SU)
  • Technical University of Liberec  (TUL)
  • University of Hradec Kralove  (UHK)
  • University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem  (UJEP)
  • Charles University in Prague  (UK)
  • Palacky University in Olomouc  (UP)
  • University of Pardubice  (UPA)
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin  (UTB, abbreviated: TBU)
  • University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno  (VFU Brno, respectively. VFU)
  • VSB-Technical University of Ostrava  (VSB-TUO, abbreviated VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, VSB-TU Ostrava)
  • University of Economics, Prague  (UEP)
  • Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague  (ICT Prague)
  • College of Polytechnics  (VSPJ or VSP Jihlava)
  • Institute of Technology and Economics in the Czech Budejovice  (VSTE)
  • Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague  (University of Applied Arts in Prague)
  • Brno University of Technology  (VUT, abbreviated: BUT)
  • University of West Bohemia  (UWB)

State Higher Education Institutions

There are two state universities in the Czech Republic: 
  • Police Academy, set up and regulated by Ministry of the Interior
  • University of Defence under the administration and supervision of Ministry of Defence
Both the universities aim to educate and train the specialists for the security forces or for the armed forces respectively.

Private Higher Education Institutions

These institutions charge fees. These institutions come under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and focus more on business and technology programmes.
  • Academia Rerum Civilium – School of Political and Social Sciences 
  • AKCENT College 
  • Anglo-American University 
  • Applied Psychology College 
  • Architectural Institute in Prague 
  • Art & Design Institute
  • Banking Institute – College of Banking 
  • Brno International Business School 
  • Business School Ostrava 
  • CEVRO Institute 
  • College of Applied Law 
  • College of Business and Hotel Management 
  • College of European and Regional Studies 
  • College of Information Management, Business Administration and Law
  • College of Karlovy Vary 
  • College of Logistics 
  • College of Nursing 
  • College of Physical Education and Sport Palestra 
  • College of Regional Development 
  • College of Social and Administrative Affairs 
  • European Polytechnic Institute – Kunovice Campus 
  • Film Academy of Miroslav Ondřiček in Pisek 
  • Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague 
  • International Baptist Theological Seminary 
  • Jan Amos Komensky University Prague 
  • Karel Englis College 
  • Literary Academy 
  • Metropolitan University Prague 
  • Moravian University College Olomouc 
  • NEWTON College 
  • Prague College of Psychosocial Studies 
  • Private College of Economic Studies Znojmo 
  • Private University College of Economic Studies 
  • Rasin College 
  • Real Estate College – Institute of Frank Dyson 
  • STING Academy, Brno 
  • Skoda Auto University 
  • Unicorn College 
  • University College of International and Public Relations Prague 
  • University of Business in Prague 
  • University of Economics and Management 
  • University of Finance and Administration 
  • University of New York in Prague 
  • West Moravian College Třebič
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